I'm always thinking about (and often tinkering with) my book reading "rules", per se. I've moved everything into Notion at this point, btw. I have all the books I've purchased and not read, plus all the books I "want to read". And of course all the books I've read over the last 7 years with ratings #nerd. I think it took the pressure off by getting them in there.

I do try to keep a fairly consistent goal of ~50 books a year because I think I could easily lose my way and find myself too often on my phone instead of opening a book, which I much prefer but the phone is too damn easy to grab and get distracted with.

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I'm mainly using Goodreads to track with what I'm reading for the most part. While I mostly read physical books, when I do read on Kindle it does a great job of pulling in highlights to my Goodreads profile for that book.

The phone is hard! I have to put mine across the room if I'm going to actually read. I try to do about 30 minutes a night before going to bed to read and spend other reading time reading physical magazines too (so I can avoid my phone).

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The reason I use Notion (instead of goodreads, though I use goodreads some) is because I can have a list of all the books I've purchased and the books I want to read. I'm sure you're like me and you have 20+ books you've purchased over the years that you want to read. With Notion (or any database-like system) I can see an accurate list of everything I want to read. I've definitely heard of a book, bought it, only to realize I bought it a few years back 🤦🏻‍♂️ My Notion system prevents that. Plus I can dissect all I want (list out all the fiction books I read in 2016, or the 5-star books I've read over the last 2 years, etc).

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