Welcome to Brain Wads

This isn’t the real home of Brain Wads. That would be this website. If you want to learn more about my background or work experience, that’s where all that info lives and will continue to.

I want to make what I write easy for everyone to access. I’m also too cheap to pay for Squarespace Marketing or stand up an additional MailChimp account.

Substack, for now, is the best email-specific distribution channel for me. It’s free. Emails are unproblematic for subscribers. It’s quick to stand something up. Plus, I really like what they’re starting with their Twitter alternative, Notes.

All my posts will start on Brain Wads with Substack truly serving as a syndicator. I do something similar with LinkedIn Publisher.

What to expect here on Substack

This website will only showcase blog posts. Subscribers will also get a weekly Saturday newsletter called The Sixth Day Six, where I curate six interesting articles for the week. It’s better than sharing links on Facebook to me. And more intentional.

My Home Website Is Still My Digital Home

If I’ve learned anything from the past decade or so working in digital, platforms come and go. While I love Substack, I will always be a “renter” here. The only thing I can really own is my own website, which I’ve tweaked and played around with since I graduated college.

I’d love to hear from you

Is there something you like that I write about that you wish I’d talk about more? Is there something I could learn more about?

Just want to say hi?

Feel free to reach out to me at drew@thebrainwads.com or fill out this contact form. I love hearing from folks.

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